Guy Gets Revenge On Rude Neighbors When They Keep Parking In His Driveway And Trash His Fence

Neighbours are not always pleasant.

Anyone who has moved around a lot knows how difficult it is to deal with neighbours. Now I’ve had to deal with a lot of neighbours, some of whom have been absolute jerks. Of course, not everyone is like that, but if you’re unfortunate enough to be stuck with such neighbours, there’s not much you can do. Because most of the time, we just want to go about our business without causing any drama. That was not the case for this family, who were determined to annoy their new neighbour. And, at first, the poster of this story attempted to be neighbourly. But he quickly realised that they deserved no concessions.

You’d think that if the cops were called or their cars were towed, they’d learn their lesson, but they kept bothering their new neighbour until he had had enough and decided to take action. It never ceases to amaze me the arrogance of some people. I understand having to park in someone else’s space, but one should always ask first. This particular family, on the other hand, was perfectly content using their neighbour’s pool without even asking. They were either extremely stupid or simply didn’t care.

Whatever their reasoning was, they are now out of the picture, and you can scroll down to see how that happened.

Source: Reddit

Though the title only tells us about the fence, the story itself is much more juicy.

It all started when he was called by his contract about his driveway.

Apparently, his neighbors had been using his driveway which he relented to at the end of the day on some conditions.

But it was soon clear that they didn’t care as to what rules he had set.

So when he tried to call them and they didn’t answer, he decided to call in a tow truck.

They were fined and only then were they allowed to get their car back.

This is when he met the husband of the neighbour and he was wise enough to call the police.

You would think that would be the end but things were only getting started.

When his family finally started to move in, they came back to a surprising sight.

His pool was being sued by his neighbours and they had cut open the fence.

This matter unsurprisingly went to court and they were fined heavily.

And that is how everything was resolved.

However, we do get a bit more information on some things that people in the comments asked for.

I am glad that they have been evicted.

Just imagine having to live next door to such people.

We also got a bit more information on the person who posted this story.

I wouldn’t even call this petty, it was all very well-deserved.

People in the comments were just as surprised as me.

Thankfully, it didn’t descend into violence.

The level of entitlement people have does not even surprise me anymore.

Have you ever had to put up with obnoxious neighbours? Or have you always had nice neighbours who mind their own damn business and don’t bother you? Please let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this story with your friends and neighbours so they can share their own experiences.

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