50 Hilarious Photos Of Animals Who Got Themselves Stuck In Different Situations

Our adorable animals always get themselves stuck in different things and then they need human assistance to free themselves.

Let’s face it, animals are the absolute masters of getting themselves into sticky situations, and sometimes, it’s just too funny not to laugh! These incidents occur more often than one may think, and it is crucial that humans are aware of their surroundings and are ready to lend a hand when necessary. We often see them getting stuck in litter, fences, and plastic bags. We can’t tell you how hilarious do they look when they look at their owners helplessly in hope for some help. How is it possible that their humans do not take their cameras out to take their photos? These owners click their photos first, upload these hilarious photos on the Internet and then help these cute creatures.

While it’s important to help animals that get stuck in dangerous situations, we can’t help but giggle when they look so adorable while trying to wriggle themselves free. Today, we have 50 hilarious photos of animals who got themselves stuck in different situations. Scroll down to have a look at these hilarious photos.

1. “Mistakes were made. It required a call to the non-emergency fire dispatch, 4  and lots of treats. She was unharmed, just filled with regret and shame. And one dead baby gate.”


2. “Trapped himself in the shower at some point during the night. Woke up to scared whining.”


3. Someone made the biggest mistake of his life:


4. “He got stuck. I saved him, but first I had to get this picture.”


5. “Hey mom!! Your damn cat got stuck in the curtains again!”


6. Poor raccoon stuck in the tree:


7. “”Oh, I wonder where the chicken we-” P.S. she’s fine. She just thinks she’s a cat and then gets stuck when she cannot liquify like a cat.”


8. “It’s this hammock’s fault!”

9. “This gentleman was apprehended today while committing a burglary of a vending machine at Pine Ridge High School.”


10. “So this happened (yes, I rescued it)”


11. “So much trash in Philly this possum got itself stuck in a Diet Snapple bottle, later freed and rehabbed by @ACCTPhilly “


12. “I came in to find my tortoise like this. Putting the clues together, it seems he pooped, got it stuck on his foot, ran in circles trying to get it off, and flipped over. Good job buddy.”


13. “Larry got his head stuck in the tape again”


Mom, the tape attacked me.

14. The cutest seal:


15. “Our cat got stuck in a booby trap “


16. “How does a guinea pig get stuck..”


17. “Let my dog out into the garden, two minutes later I hear her barking and go outside to see this”


18. “Couldn’t find our dog this morning after letting her out, thought she ran away. Turns out she dug a tunnel under the playhouse and got stuck like this trying to get back out:”


19. “My cat got stuck today.”


20. “I guess I’m stuck here for Christmas”


21. “This fat fool had to be rescued by animal control”


22. “The situation at my friends apartment right now.”


23. “I stuck an empty toilet paper tube on his leg and he gave me this look”


24. “My Dauschund puppy got stuck in the couch cushions”


25. “He got stuck”


Cats are notorious for getting themselves into awkward situations. Whether they’re climbing trees, squeezing into tight spaces, or getting tangled in yarn, there’s never a dull moment with these feline friends. One unforgettable moment happened when a cat got its leg stuck in a tissue box. The cat tried to back out, but the box just kept coming with it until someone came and helped her.

Dogs, on the other hand, are a bit more clumsy and tend to get stuck in things they shouldn’t be near in the first place. You would see them getting stuck in between the couch or sometimes they would be stuck in a chair and would have a hard time getting out of it. We can’t forget about the cute little critters that can sometimes get themselves into trouble. Even rats and raccoons are no less; they also get stuck and look hilarious. These little guys are incredibly curious and love to explore, which can often lead to them getting themselves in trouble. But let’s be honest, watching them try to wriggle their way out of something is just too cute!

26. Boi, you are not a monkey:

27. “Trash panda got stuck in a storm drain. Public Works employees set it free.”


28. “My coworker’s dog got herself stuck underneath their shed.”


29. “This idiot got himself stuck today.”


30. Got stuck really badly:


31. “She never thought the toilet paper roll would fight back.”


32. “Maddie trapped herself in the basement and was too polite to bark. This is how I found out.”


33. “When I rescued him, he hissed at me and burrowed back in”


34. “This piece of bread has a pigeon stuck on it.”


35. “My dog chewed a hole through his towel and stuck his head through it. Now he wears it around the house like a poncho!”


36. “I guess this is my life now”


She has accepted her new life.

37. “Ready for Combat!”


38. Hawaiian sweet roll:


39. “How do you even get stuck like this”


40. “Heard something going on in the kitchen then heard screams of bloody murder. Walked in and saw this. A goat stuck in my trash can.”


41. “My friends cat got it’s head stuck in a vase, freaked out, broke the vase, and was left with this.”


42. “My dog was very distressed about this.”


43. “Came home to trash everywhere in the house. Compelling evidence found.”


44. “My old boy who came to let me know he’d found the BBQ brush; got it stuck in his butt”


45. He is regretting his decision:


46. “These derps got stuck in a storm drain. I don’t think they’re worried.”


47. “Cow got stuck in a tree”


48. “Frog got stuck in my terrarium tonight it belonged here”


49. “Is this what people mean when they say their dog is broken? Asking for a friend.”


50. He pretends to be okay:


While we always want to make sure our furry friends are safe and not in any real danger, it’s hard not to chuckle when they find themselves in these sticky situations. It’s a reminder that animals, just like humans, can be a bit silly and clumsy at times, but that’s what makes them so lovable. So, next time you come across a hilarious animal stuck in something, make sure to snap a photo and share a laugh with your friends. Comment down below if these photos made you laugh.

Enjoy this adorable cat tax:


“I heard that to smile at a cat, you simply blink very slowly at them. I tried today? This was her reaction…”

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